Friday, 7 December 2012

Lizzie’s experience with STAR- Student Action for Refugees

Leeds University hosts a society of Student Action for Refugees (STAR), a nationwide network of student groups campaigning for refugees and asylum seekers. Funded by various grants and donations, STAR runs projects such as the Bike Project, in which they fix broken bikes to give to the refugee and asylum community, as well as campaigning to raise awareness. The biggest project in Leeds is their Common Conversation classes with asylum seekers and refugees, which one of our Press Gang members Lizzie Scourfield attended to get a greater insight into their work. In her article Lizzie discusses how “Societies like STAR are a fantastic example of projects that work both to integrate and support the refugee and asylum community.” Lizzie expressed that after her excellent experience she would highly recommend any student to get involved. To read more about what Lizzie did with STAR and the friends she made check out the link below to Press Gangs Winter Newsletter:

Book Reviews, By Peter Richardson

Read some very interesting book reviews written by Peter Richardson, Director at LASSN. Peter discusses two very different books on the topic of asylum seekers and refugees; a children’s book that Peter describes as a “fantastically simple read that does not dwell on the difficulties or horrors of asylum seekers.” As well as an academic book, that presented some extremely interesting and unique views with regards to “refugees’ experience of volunteering, and how this has not always resulted in beneficial outcomes.”

To read Peter’s book reviews in full visit the Press Gang Winter Magazine at:

Award winning children's book

The Unforgotten Coat – By Frank Cottrell Boyce

Refugees, Capitalism and the British State: Implications for social workers, volunteers and activists - By Tom Vickers