Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Submissions wanted for next edition of One Planet Leeds magazine

We are looking for submissions of articles of 500 words or less. Our target audience is people who don't know much about asylum issues and may not really be all that interested. Therefore we want strong personal stories, creative pieces such as stories or poems, and good public interest links such as sport, arts, food or current events.

We work with people with incredible experiences both in their country of origin and here in the UK.  We know that people who listen to their stories are often changed by what they hear.  We also know that most people have very confused or ill-informed opinions of what seeking asylum really means.  So we challenge the myths and untruths perpetrated by the media.

Any links to Leeds are obviously a bonus but not essential. Articles written by people with direct experience of claiming asylum are particularly welcome.

One Planet Leeds has a circulation of over 1,000 readers and is produced both as an online pdf and as a printed magazine. Articles may also be used for this Blog.

One Planet Leeds is produced by LASSN with support from 8 charities in Leeds. We regret we cannot provide any payment for articles.

If you have an article idea please email pressgangleeds(at) by 1 October 2013.

Monday, 15 July 2013

One Planet Leeds, the Press Gang magazine, summer edition is available here:

This edition includes:
  • Theatre
    • Refugee boy
    • To walk in your shows
  • Football – A shared sense of belonging
  • Media – Mispeceptions
  • Experience – The kindness of strangers
  • Music – United Voices
  • Women – Refugee Group
  • Books – Scar Tissue
  • Volunteering – interpreters needed