Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Merkato International
Type of food: Ethiopian
Average meal cost: £7
Paying: Cash only
Takeaway: Yes

Merkato is run by Samuel and Tady Bekalo who came to the UK from Ethiopia 10 years ago and opened this café 3 years ago. It is a quiet place, particularly popular with local Ethiopians and Eritreans who drop in frequently for a chat and a drink. Don't be intimidated though as both the staff and regular customers are very friendly.

The menu is limited and full of unfamiliar words but most options have an English explanation. We tried the vegetarian mixed platter which is a variation of different lentil and vegetable based dishes. It is served with injera, traditional Ethiopian, bread which is somewhat of an acquired taste but definitely worth a try. There is no desert except for a selection of Baklava (sweet pastries) which were very good.

This is definitely not the place for a relaxed evening meal but if you are in town and looking for a quick and slightly different lunch it is ideal.

Address: 79 Merrion Superstore, Merrion Centre, Leeds
Telephone: 07961 883500
Opening Times: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

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