Monday, 13 December 2010

Appeal for Asylum Legal Support

Appeal for Asylum Legal Support

By Howard Sichinga

Manuel Bravo Project in Leeds has appealed for more legal support for asylum seekers.

The appeal was made by the New Project Manager, Catherine Beaumont, when she
addressed Press Gang journalists to pledge support for the launch of the City of
Sanctuary in Leeds.

The manager observed that there are many asylum seekers who are looking for legal
support to make appeals and fresh claims but very few find such help because of shortage of legal experts and financial resources.

Catherine pointed out that currently her organization uses volunteer solicitors and other legal specialists to offer legal assistance in making appeals and fresh claims. She explained that while volunteers are doing a commendable job the demand and pressure for their services at their organizations is also very high. This affects service availability and delivery against a backdrop of short timeframe for making appeals.

The Project Manager said that with increased legal and financial support her
organization would be able to help many asylum seekers who are currently making appeals on their own without any expert legal advice.

The Manager welcome the launch of the City of Sanctuary in Leeds and pledged that
her organization will share information and work with other organizations to improve the welfare of asylum seekers in leeds.

City of Sanctuary is a national movement which seeks to build a culture of welcome and hospitality to people who have come to UK seeking safety. It aims to create a network of towns and cities that are proud to be safe havens for people seeking asylum.

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