Friday, 25 January 2013


Adam Jones, Politics student at university wrote an article on the recent welfare cuts and how they have impacted refugees and asylum seekers. Adam says;

It is no secret that the current coalition government have made a great number of cuts, some unpopular and some extremely so – such as the 11% cut to the education budget. However, one series of cuts that seem to actually receive support from the general public are the welfare reforms being brought about by the Department of Work and Pensions, headed by Iain Duncan Smith. Much of their popularity owes undoubtedly to the success of the ‘scrounger’ discourse, adopted by politicians and media outlets alike, one which refugee and immigrant families are all too familiar with. The idea that welfare recipients, and in particular refugees, are feckless and idle seems to be ingrained in the minds of many in our society. All it takes is a closer examination of these issues to realise that not only is this dehumanising discourse unfair, but so are the policies that have been and are being enacted.

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