Monday, 25 March 2013

Refugee boy - radio podcast with Lemn Sissay and Benjamin Zephaniah

Refugee Journalist, Zwedu Mengiste, interviews Lemn Sissay and Benjamin Zephaniah about the new adaption of Refugee Boy for West Yorkshire Playhouse

Mengiste, from Ethiopia, encourages Sissay and Zephaniah to talk about themselves, their work, migration, human nature and how Sissay feels he's following in Zephaniah's foosteps.

Quotes from the podcast:

"Kindness is a language, honesty and openness are languages... we need to employ them to their fullest." 
Lemn Sissay

"Every time you hear so many thousand refugees... everyone one of those individuals is alive... not just a statistic. A lot of people in England can be lazy in their thinking." 
Benjamin Zephaniah

"One of the advantages of being in Britain is that you can have friends from all over the world and get a flavour of it, and from all different sides of a dispute".- Benjamin Zephaniah

"Mankind didn't evolve in Britain...Borders are man made - we are one people". - Benjamin Zephaniah

"Migration is part of who we are.. Immigration and migration are part of what it is to be human." - Lemn Sissay

To listen to this 23 minute Lucy Radio interview please click to download the podcast from the following dropbox public folder.

Benjamin Zephaniah - Lemn Sissay interview

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